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Profile on Sherrill Elisabeth Chong


Dr. Sherrill Chong has been designing from she was a child.  At prep. school she used to design and sew little outfits for herself and her dolls on her mother’s sewing machine.  At high school and college most of her lunch money and allowance was used to buy fabric and notions.

In the late l960's she studied Interior Design with La Salle Extension University of Chicago, and in the l970's studied fashion designing with Duff’s Fashion Academy of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; and Furniture Design and Production Management with
Jamaica Industrial Development Corporation training division.

Over the past 30 years she has used her design skills in furniture manufacture, designing interiors for homes, offices, and commercial / industrial sites; 807 sewn products, clothing engineering, costume design, and developed a line of ethnic clothing for everyday wear.

Sherrill holds a Doctorate in Clinical Counseling, specializing in family and marriage.  Trained a Health Minister by Hallelujah Acres in Shelby, North Carolina, she now concentrates on disease reversal through Orthomolecular Nutrition and Psychiatry.                     

Her passion is biblical hermeneutics and research as she believes that in the BIBLE we have been given everything we need for Life and Godliness.

Along with husband Earl Chong they manage a chain of Juice Gardens which seek to bring the body of Christ into health.
Earl and Sherrill are available for personal consultation, seminars and conferences.



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