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Destiny Performing Arts Company

October 13, 1998 was a historic day for Rose Town and its environs as a group of about 30 young peop0le met at the Holiness Christian Church located on 3 Bethune Avenue for the start of the church’s dance ministry classes.  Little did those who gather know that the- a movement to sensitize and train those who dare to believe there is more to life; those who desire to follow God’s purpose and plan and resolve to realize their destiny under God.

Just under 80 persons presently comprise Destiny and are embark on this journey. Our statement of purposes states:  “ My destiny is to praise and worship God through obedience to Him regarding my personal habits, my home life, my vocation, my church involvement, my social interactions, my pursuit of excellence and my death.’  

We have embarked on a lifelong pursuit to have the teachings of Jesus Christ impact on every area of our existence and so be a positive influence and indeed a catalyst in changing for the better not only ourselves and our immediate environment but the wider community, our country and our world.

Destiny has evolved into a Performing Arts Company ministering to the Body of Christ and to the world through Dance, Drama & Mime, Music, Fine Arts , Signing and are available for engagements with churches Service Organizations, N.G.O’s  Corporations and National events.

Today Destiny Performing Arts Company continues to be therapeutic vehicles in the Transformation of lives in the Kingdom of God on earth.



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